Carlton Man Remains in Prison after Purse Snatching Incident Earlier this Month

March 18, 2013

A Carlton, Georgia man remains behind bars for the second consecutive week, as he faces robbery by snatching charges stemming from an incident earlier this month.

Back on March 4th, an elderly victim reported a robbery by snatching at the Elbert Memorial Hospital parking lot.

She alleged that 24-year-old Jeffery Bugg from Carlton, who is her adopted grandson, took her purse while picking her up from the hospital.

Elberton Police Department Captain Darrin Rucker explains the details of the incident.

“He pulled around the loop in a vehicle at the main lobby area, and as he opened the door for her to get in he got in a struggle with her in the parking lot”, explained Captain Rucker. “She told him to let her go, and he would not do so. She proceeded with her walking stick hitting him in the back to let her go, and at that point he was able to get away with the bag.”

The bag contained an undisclosed amount of cash and other miscellaneous items as well.

According to Rucker, Elberton Police Officers were able to arrest Bugg on a warrant for theft by snatching later that evening.

“Actually we found him coming back through Elberton, and we were able to get him on a traffic stop that was conducted on College Avenue”, said Captain Rucker.

As of yesterday, Bugg is still being housed at the Elbert County Detention Center.

Bond has been set, but has still not been posted.

Meanwhile, according to Rucker, the victim will not face assault charges for striking Bugg with her walking stick during the initial theft.