Cause of Saturday Fire at Bowmart Continues to be Investigated

December 10, 2013

It is unsure what the future holds for Bowmart in Bowman after a weekend fire.

The incident happened Saturday morning when something caught fire inside of the store.

Elbert County Fire Chief Rick Mewborne said when he arrived on scene; the fire was already in the process of being contained.

“Just had to get a lot of the heat and smoke out of the building”, said Mewborne. “The contents for the most part were saved from flame, but they did receive a lot of heat and smoke damage.”

He said some of the items inside the store consisted of what you would find in most thrift stores.

In total, five fire stations responded to the scene that morning, which including the Bowman station, as well as the Centerville, Deep Creek, Sweet City stations and the headquarters station located in town.

Mewborne said he was proud of the way his firefighters handled the blaze.

“They really did a fantastic job knocking that fire down and getting it to a point that we could get in and save what they did save, as well as the building itself”, expressed Mewborne. “I really appreciate what they did, and they did it in a nice and proficient way.”

According to Bowman Mayor Pamela Johnson, the renters of the Bowmart building did not have insurance on the contents inside.

The investigation into what caused the fire at Bowmart continues today.