Chance for Snow Not as High as Yesterday, Still a Possibility However

January 17, 2013

The chance for snow isn’t as high as it was yesterday for northeast Georgia, but there is still some hope for some winter weather.

State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey says that northwest Georgia should begin to see some snow fall this afternoon, and he says it should work its way across the state pretty quickly.

“Gradually that area will shift further east, and I think northeast Georgia will still be in a mix area as well to begin with”, said Murphey. “On the tail end of the system there should just be a quick little shot of snow.”

He says however, that north Georgia is not expected to receive much more than a dusting of snow, due to the air and surface temperatures still being warm after this past week of higher than average temperatures.

These weather swings can be attributed to being in what is called a progressive weather pattern.

“We’re in progressive pattern, which kind of follows the neutral pattern that we are in right now in the winter time, as we are not in El Nino or La Nina”, says Murphey. “In a neutral pattern you can expect some pretty big swings in temperature controlled by that high pressure sitting out in the Atlantic Ocean, which is pretty strong by the way.”

The recent precipitation received over the last few days has been very beneficial to Elbert County, but Murphey says that impact has been greater in the northern half of the county.

“The northern part of the county did receive a little more in places, and actually is doing better rainfall wise than the southern half of the county”, explained Murphey.

The county as a whole has received just over an inch of rain in the last seventy-two hours, but more precipitation is expected to fall until Friday morning.

As always, be sure to stay tuned to WSGC Radio, as we will keep you up to date with the latest weather changes.