Charter School Amendment on Ballot for Georgia Voters

October 17, 2012

Early this year statistics were released about how the State of Georgia faired in the education department.

The numbers showed that Georgia ranked 48th in SAT scores, 38th in ACT scores, and that nearly one third of high school seniors that were supposed to graduate failed to do so.

These numbers have prompted law makers to add a charter school amendment to the ballot in November’s General Election. Mark Peevy, Executive Director of Families for Better Schools, says the amendment will give more options for parents.

“The charter school amendment is really about providing more choices for parents, and more options for their children on how their education is delivered”, detailed Peevy. “It is about empowering parents, and giving them chances to be directly involved in making choices in what happens with the education around their children.”

Peevy said that approving the amendment would not be a fix all for Georgia, but it would be a step in the right direction.

“They are absolutely another tool in the tool box. It will give us a chance to offer some options for parents to hopefully develop some competition amongst our schools”, said Peevy. “As some of these schools begin to develop new ideas and bring innovative thoughts in K-12 education here in Georgia; it will hopefully help raise the education level in all public schools across the state.”

As mentioned earlier, the charter school amendment is on the ballot for the November General Election, and it is up to Georgia voters to pass or strike down to issue.