Charter System Petition Process in Full Motion for EC School System

May 24, 2013

There was a community meeting held last night to discuss the proposal for Elbert County School’s to become a charter system.

As reported from the Board of Education Work Session held last week a charter system is not to be confused with a charter school.

A charter system allows a school system to waive some laws mandated by the state to be able to shift their focus to the needs of the children in the community.

The primary reason for this first community meeting was to educate the public on what exactly a charter system is and to furthermore get the community involved in the petition process.

One of the purposes of a charter system is to have the community and Board of Education united in working together for the kids.

Committees were set up of community members at the meeting; each committee will be reviewing a certain number of other school systems that have already successfully petitioned to be charter systems.

The review will allow the community committees to gain ideas and report back at the second meeting. Elbert County would be the 20th school system to petition if successful.

The second community meeting has been scheduled for July 25th at 6:00 in the Middle School Auditorium.

More information can be found about charter systems at under the “About Us” tab and on the Elbert County School District web page.