Check Scammers Arrested in Elberton

February 11, 2013

The Elberton Police department has arrested three people in connection with a fraudulent check cashing ring.

It was first reported that an unknown female attempted to cash two checks from an account in Florida using the documents of the Florida victim at bank in Elberton.

An investigation soon followed, which led to the arrests of Priscilla Lee on charges of Identify Fraud, Forgery, Manufacturing False Documents, and Obstruction of an Officer; Ruqayyah Burrell on charges of Party to a Crime of Forgery, Misdemeanor Marijuana, Tampering with Evidence, and Obstruction of an Officer; and Quentin Thompson with charges of Party of a Crime of Forgery and Obstruction of an Officer.

Lee and Burrell are from East Point, Georgia, and Thompson hails from Decatur.

According to Investigators with the Elberton Police Department, this case spans from Elberton, GA to Florida, Alabama, and back to the Atlanta, Georgia area.

It is still to be considered an on-going investigation.