Christmas Comes Early for Madison County Residents

December 10, 2012

Georgia DOT Presents check to the Madison County Board of Commissioners.

On Friday, the Georgia Department of Transportation presented the people of Madison County with an early Christmas gift in the form of funds for county roads through the Local Maintenance and Improvements Grant (LMIG) program.

On behalf of the State Transportation Board, Georgia DOT Staff presented a check for $543,713.92 to Madison County Commissioners as the County’s Fiscal Year 2013 allotment.

As many as 700 Georgia Counties and Cities will be applying to the Georgia DOT for LMIG grants. The Department is disbursing about $110 million in LMIG funds based on population and miles of local streets and roads in each jurisdiction.

In a major improvement to the program this year, Georgia DOT is giving the entire amount of the grant to the local governments as soon as its application is approved, instead of over time as projects are completed.