City of Bowman Adds Eight Picnic Tables to Park

March 29, 2013

Even more progress has been made at the Bowman City Park since the latest edition of some band new playground equipment.

Bowman City Councilman Pete Gibbons said that the city had been trying to track down some picnic tables for the park, and that they were able to find a really good deal.

“Tried to find the best deal and we had found an auction on for some picnic tables that the city of Greenwood was getting rid of”, said Gibbons. “So we decided to go after them; we were hoping to get sixteen, but were still happy with getting eight.”

The eight tables were purchased for a final price of three hundred and fifty dollars, which is substantially less than the sixteen hundred dollars that the council green lit to be spent on picnic tables.

Gibbons said the addition of those eight picnic tables will have a great impact on what Bowman’s city park can offer.

“Picnic tables were something we really needed, because the ones we had left were in really bad shape”, explained Gibbons. “We had a picnic pavilion with no picnic tables; so no one could come out on a sunny day and enjoy the day, and hopefully this will solve that problem.”

The money saved through the auction will help the city focus on other areas of the park said Gibbons.

He talks about some immediate projects they are going to be working on.

“We’re looking to acquire some smaller children swings to add to the swing sets we have in place, that way we can accommodate children of all ages at our park”, said Gibbons.

Also, there are plans in place to give the old playground equipment a facelift by cleaning it and making it look like new.