City of Bowman Beginning Process to Improve Downtown Square

May 29, 2013

The Bowman City Council is actively looking at improving its downtown square.

In a presentation during Monday night’s regular meeting of the Bowman City Council, Sara Schatz with Landscape Architects presented the first conceptual plan.

Some of the proposed changes include a decorative intersection at the crossing of State Routes 17 and 172, as well as adding some more green space to the square itself.

In her presentation, Schatz mentioned an idea to fix up an alley that would connect Prince Avenue to the square.

“That speaks to a broader context to connecting the square to city hall and to the rest of the town some more, and I think that the alley could be used as more of an access to the square”, said Schatz.

She also talked about utilizing one of the buildings that the city of Bowman owns on the square for a civic space on the square.

Bowman City Mayor Pamela Johnson suggested that this plan be open to the community for comment and input.

“I would actually like to have it posted, and I would like for the citizens of Bowman to have the opportunity to look at and have some input”, said Mayor Johnson.

Councilman Ben Rice added that he felt this plan was a good starting point for the city.

A public meeting is expected to be held at a later date, but at this time has not been officially announced.