City of Bowman Begins to Receive Responses to Letters Sent to Dilapidated Property Owners

May 23, 2014

A project was discussed during the Bowman City Council work session earlier this week, to fix up abandoned properties around town in an effort to make the community a little safer.

Certified letters were sent out to numerous property owners within the city limits.

The people who have responded so far have been mostly understanding and willing to work with the council.

“I think there are several who haven’t responded, those who have responded understood the issue and are willing to help us rectify it”, said Gibbons.

The Bowman City Council may look into ways of handling those that have not responded at next month’s meeting.

Bowman City Mayor Pete Gibbons said he is attempting to use an open approach for those that would like to have their properties fixed up.

“We are taking a very open approach, we understand that times are tough and a lot of these people have not had the money to do it”, expressed Gibbons. “So anyone that is willing to work with us, we will work with them. We are not trying to put anybody into hardship, we are just trying to remove any safety hazards from our community.”

Because of the potential safety hazards of fixing overgrown properties, the city council would like to get something in writing before work begins on any property.