City of Bowman Closes in on Finalizing Downtown Development Plan

April 23, 2013

The Bowman City Council is one step closer to finalizing its Downtown Redevelopment Plan after last night’s regular meeting.

A decision had to be made last night on whether or not the plan should include sidewalk repairs for the entire square, or just for repairs in a particular section of the square.

Bowman City Councilman Pete Gibbons expressed his opinion on what the plan should include.

“I think the sidewalk is the worst part of the square, and I would like to see something done like in Royston where they have bricks laid out between the light poles so that in the future when you have to dig up the sidewalk you can easily remove the bricks and get through without tearing up all the concrete”, said Gibbons.

The council agreed, and the motion made by Gibbons to include the sidewalk repairs into the plan passed with a unanimous vote from the Bowman City Council.


In other matters, the Bowman City Council has agreed to submit a letter of support as requested by Elbert County in their effort to enter into a multi county project to hook up water supplies.

Bowman City Mayor Pamela Johnson said that this could be an opportunity for the city to join in on the project.

“We could let them come around us or join with us, but if we join in it then there is a possibility that we could sell any excess, and if we go to the table and ask that we’re apart of that, then we could negotiate with the county and City of Elberton that maybe we could sell water down Highway 17”, said Mayor Johnson.

Councilman Pete Gibbons made the motion that Bowman sends the letter of support with the stipulation that Bowman be included in any negotiations that take place in regards to this project.

That motion passed with a unanimous vote from the Bowman City Council.

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