City of Bowman Expected to Continue Discussing Ways to Renovate City Owned Buildings

May 28, 2014

Plans to renovate buildings on the Bowman Square were discussed at the Bowman City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

The city council is looking to repair two buildings on the square and Bowman City Mayor Pete Gibbons describes how the city plans to utilize the properties.

“Two separate uses for the building, one would be moving the city’s library to the square and expand it, as well as having a commercial space in the other building”, said Gibbons. “I think this would be big to help give our community and our children something to do with a bigger library for them to utilize.”

Properly fixing the buildings is estimated to cost around $460,000 and the majority of the money will come from grant funding.

The council is aiming to get the funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission as well as the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

The paperwork must be turned into the Appalachian Regional Commission no later than August 15, and the council will discuss the project further at the June work session.