City of Bowman Moves Forward with Road Repair Project

June 6, 2014

Phase One of a road resurfacing project in the city of Bowman will be getting underway in the coming weeks.

Over the last two months, the Bowman City council has been reviewing city roads that were in the most critical need of being repaired.

During their April regular meeting, the council approved Stratton and Sons Inc. as the low bid of the three initial bids received for road work.

Bowman City Mayor Pete Gibbons said himself, along with other city workers, accompanied personnel from Stratton and Sons to determine the biggest problem areas.

“We reviewed areas in the city, and we approved a list of fifteen problem areas that are of most critical need throughout the city”, explained Gibbons.

The council approved a motion to begin work on Phase One of road work, which came in at a cost of $20,500.

Funds for the project will be covered using SPLOST funds says Mayor Gibbons.

“We have ample funds in the SPLOST that would cover that and not leave us short on any other projects that we are currently working on”, he said. “We have that much budgeted to go towards road repair as well.”

The council plans to discuss what roads to turn their focus on for Phase Two of the road improvement project during future work sessions and meetings.

Work on the fifteen problem areas is expected to begin within the next three to four weeks.