City of Bowman Preparing for Market Analysis Meeting with NEGRC

July 22, 2014

Progress has slowed a bit on the city of Bowman’s attempts to get funding to repair two city-owned buildings on the square.

Just because progress has slowed, does not mean the project has fizzled out.

During the Bowman City Council’s work session Monday evening, Bowman Mayor Pete Gibbons says that the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission continues to work with the city on the project.

“They had recently asked me for a list of emails from our elected officials and downtown business owners, which we have gathered for them”, said Gibbons. “So they will be going through the list and contacting people and setting up a meeting so we can work on some ideas as a community.”

That meeting is expected to occur sometime in the near future said Gibbons, and is going to emphasize getting input from all aspects of the Bowman Community.

“We will see what we can do to get everyone involved with community as well, because they want everybody’s input as they put together this market analysis for the square”, explained Gibbons.

Currently, the proposed idea behind fixing up the two buildings is to move the Bowman Library into one, and to try and turn the other building into a commercial space.

No further votes or decisions were made regarding the project yesterday, as the council’s gathering was only a work session where votes can not take place.