City of Bowman Receives Extremely Generous Donation

December 19, 2012

The City of Bowman recently received an extremely generous donation from a long time Bowman couple.

Garnett and Lois Barton left in their will nearly $17,000 for use at the Bowman Cemetery. Bowman City Councilman Pete Gibbons says the extremely generous donation will allow the city to get some much needed work done at the cemetery.

“We haven’t looked at specific projects yet, but there certainly is some maintenance that needs to be done in the cemetery, and this will allow us to do some things that we have been putting off”, said Gibbons. “We have also had discussion on ways to commemorate their gift by putting up a plaque or something. So we will look at different ways to remember them, and improve the cemetery for everyone’s use as well.”

The couple was honored during Monday’s regular meeting with a resolution from the Bowman City Council.


In other matters, the council, in a unanimous vote, also approved the issuance of Christmas bonuses for city employees. Full time employees will receive two hundred dollar bonuses, and part time employees are set to receive one hundred dollar bonuses.