City of Bowman Working to Achieve L.M.I.G. Funding

February 20, 2013

Chris Quigly and Sara Shots went before the Bowman City Council during Monday’s work session to give an update on the city’s approval process for the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant program, also known as L.M.I.G.

For the city of Bowman, the grant would be for forty thousand dollars over the next three years.

Quigly laid out the best target area to receive the grant funds.

“What we are talking about doing is making some improvements to the public square area”, explained Quigly. “That area would include the square, the parking spaces, the paving, and the sidewalks.”

Quigly said that the best approach for the city would be to have multiple projects that would last over multiple years.

“There are two things that you always need. You need a base map that shows what’s there, and you need concept drawings of what you want to do”, said Quigly. “You need that bigger picture, and then cut it up into smaller pieces and do each piece as you get funding.”

Bowman City Mayor Pamela Johnson said that completing this process will benefit the city in the long run.

“Everyone that walks around on the downtown square knows we really need some work done up there”, said Johnson. “If we can have this in hand it will position us if a grant becomes available.”

A decision for the city to move forward with laying out the master plan will be made during Monday’s regular meeting of the Bowman City Council.

That meeting will take place at Bowman City Hall at 7:00pm.