City of Elberton Figuring Out How to Approach Samuel Elbert Hotel Property

March 28, 2013

The Elberton City Council is exploring multiple options on how to approach the old Samuel Elbert Hotel located on the downtown square in Elberton.

The city purchased the building nearly a year ago, and ever since the city has been trying to figure out how to handle the property.

Currently there are a couple of options on the table, one of which would have the city relinquish control of the property.

The city would no longer have any financial risk involved, but the likely developments would be either for a senior living or assisted living facility.

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn said that the council is wary of giving up complete control of the building.

“We are a little bit hesitant about giving up control of that property because it is so important to the downtown”, explained Dunn. “You really can not control what these developers will do once you turn over the building to them.”

Another option would be for the city to explore a commercial development such as a restaurant, retail outlet, hotel, office space, or all of the above.

Dunn says that the city would have more at stake financially, but that it’s the option the council feels is best for the downtown area.

“It will take a while to put the project together, but the mayor and council believe that a commercial application is preferable to residential where we give up control of the facility”, said Dunn. “We will have a higher investment this way, but the downtown has been around for two hundred years, so we think any dollar spent down there will be turned over multiple times over the next decades and possibly centuries.”

At this time, nothing is set in stone on how the city will move forward, but the plan is to look for funding and grant sources to help out with any potential project.