City of Elberton Moving Forward with Trying to Provide Water to Residents in Need

December 4, 2012

The Elberton City Council is working on solutions to extend water service to residents of Whites Chapel Road, which runs off of the Bowman Highway.

According to City Manager Lanier Dunn, there are about eight to ten homes reporting issues with their wells running dry. Peggy Rucker, who was representing the citizens from Whites Chapel Road, spoke to the council and said they would be grateful to receive city water.

“We would appreciate your diligence, and your concern and care for our small community to receive the city’s water”, said Rucker.

Dunn said that the city is exploring all options on how to approach the project, and is trying to make the project cost effective for the city. There are twenty-two homes located off of Whites Chapel Road, and Dunn said that they would be hoping that at least half of the residents will sign on to have city water.

Elberton Mayor Larry Guest, said the city is also in talks about ways to possibly receive some emergency funding for the work.

“He is not our Senator any more, but Senator Frank Ginn is going to look into seeing if there is some emergency type funding”, said Guest, “but you don’t need to wait six months to get water, you need water now, and we are going to move in that direction.”

The council was in consensus that this task needed to be completed as quickly as possible. Mayor Guest said that there might be a possibility of a called meeting at some point this month if a solution is reached.