City of Elberton Moving Forward with Water System Improvement Grant

September 11, 2013

The approval of the 2013 ElbertonNET Expansion Plan wasn’t the only project that received the green light Monday night by the Elberton City Council.

The council approved a water system improvement study that has been underway for a couple of months now, as part of the process for the city to apply for a grant to improve the City of Elberton’s water system.

An application will be filed with the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority in amount of five hundred thousand dollars.

If the grant is received, City Manager Lanier Dunn talks about what the first objective will be.

“The first project will be to replace a lot of our old meters, we have about 2,300 meters that have some age on them and need to be replaced, and that will be the first project we do next spring”, said Dunn.

Once the meters are brought up to modern days specifications, more work is still expected to be done.

Dunn said, “We will do some other water system improvements, and maybe even do some improvements in expansion areas.”

As Dunn mentioned earlier, if the grant is received, work on water system improvements is expected to begin spring 2014.