City of Elberton Planning to Flush Water System this Weekend

March 5, 2014

It’s that time of the year for the city of Elberton’s yearly required water system flush.

Required by the state of Georgia, Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn says the flush is done by opening up all of the city’s fire hydrants one by one.

What this does, describes Dunn, is it removes all the built up sediment in the pipes.

“It removes a lot of the build up of silt and other things that build up on the inside of the pipe”, said Dunn. “So by flushing it with that rapid flow of water, it’s supposed to blow a lot of that buildup out, which helps keep the pipes clean over time.”

During this process, Dunn says the water in each area the task is performed will become muddy looking.

He describes a real simple procedure home owners can do to clear up their water.

“You just need to run your tap until it runs clear. Most people do that with a water hose outside of their house so it’s not running inside their homes. You can run it at any one of your sinks, its just faster outside”, says Dunn.

Before using the water to clean clothes or other similar tasks, Dunn says to make sure you flush your pipes using the previously mentioned method.

The citywide water system flush will begin bright and early on Saturday, March 8th and on Sunday, March 9th.

Dunn said if everything goes according to plan, then the process should be completed by Monday.