City of Elberton Ward 5 Council Race Results

November 6, 2013

A quiet election in the city of Elberton, as only one contested race was going on.

The results of that contested race saw Councilman Joel Seymour hold onto his seat as the representative for Ward 5 in the City of Elberton.

Mr. Seymour had 76 votes for 79% of the turn out and the challenger Mark Clamp had 20 votes for 21% of the turnout.

Mr. Seymour expressed his gratitude for the support he received during the Election.

β€œI appreciate the faith that has been given to me by the voters, and I am very humbled and appreciative of their support of me during this election for Ward 5”, said Seymour. β€œIt gives me the enthusiasm and incentive to be a better councilman and to look forward and down the road to make Elberton a better city and a place you can be proud to live in.”

There was a small turn out with only 96 votes, 65 of those being early and 31 on the day of.