City of Elberton will ‘Wait and See’ in Regards to the Whitworth Detention Center

December 6, 2012

The Georgia Department of Corrections Whitworth Detention Center in Hartwell is switching from a male incarceration facility to an all female facility.

The City of Elberton is one of the municipalities that use the current labor force from the detention center, and Elberton Mayor Larry Guest said there are two types of labor they use.

“One is a supervised crew where they have an actual guard that goes with them as they go out and cut grass”, said Mayor Guest, “there are others that are unsupervised, which means that we have to supervise those crews.”

With the switch in population at the detention center, Mayor Guest said that the unsupervised labor force might not be one the city would use.

“It may make it very difficult”, said Mayor Guest, “with it being a female person, which is going to be supervised by a male person.”

Mayor Guest said that the city is going to be in a holding pattern until more information becomes available.

“We have to just see what types of crews they are going to have and what types of jobs they are going to be allowed to do”, said Mayor Guest. “Then we will make our decision as to whether or not we will be using Whitworth Detention Center at that time.”

Whitworth Detention Center is set to complete the changeover at some point this month, but at this time no official date has been revealed.