City of Elberton Working on Urban Redevelopment Plan

August 20, 2012

The City of Elberton has been working in conjunction with City Officials, Members of the Downtown Development Authority, Members from the Housing Authority, and Members of the Economic Development Authority to come up with an Urban Redevelopment Plan.

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn explains what the Urban Redevelopment Plan is.

“It’s in the State Law and it allows cities and counties to make improvements in areas of the community. We identified three residential areas and two commercial areas to put into our plan.” said Dunn.

The Urban Redevelopment plan would promote business growth in the commercial areas that are outlined in the plan said Dunn.

“In the business areas which will include the College Avenue commercial area and the Downtown area, we will be able to set up opportunity zones.” pointed out Dunn. “This will allow all business that creates two or more full time jobs in a year to get tax credits from the state.”

Dunn said that it would also give the city the ability to improve the appearance of the residential areas that are highlighted in the plan.

“We can do certain things like increase our property maintenance code so that people have to keep their yards or homes a little bit better.” explained Dunn. “We can also apply for grants such as a community development block grant, or a housing improvement grants that will help get access to funds from the State or the Federal Government to do some improvements.”

The City of Elberton is looking to adopt the plan in September. There will be a public hearing on September 10th at 5:30pm at Elberton City Hall. The purpose of that hearing is to inform the public on the contents of the Urban Redevelopment Plan.

A copy of the draft is available at Elberton City Hall. If anyone has questions about the plan, you can contact Lanier Dunn at (706) 213-3100.