City of Lavonia to Land New EMS Building

October 11, 2012

After years of waiting, Lavonia emergency service personnel will be getting a new EMS station.

After the announcement last Monday, Franklin County Emergency Services Director Terry Harris said he’s pleased with the site the board selected.

“The new ambulance station will give us a lot better facility than what we’re in now. The building we’re in now is very outdated, so it’s definitely a plus,” he said.

Commissioner Charles Cawthon said the new building will be larger and the Gerrard Road site that was chosen offers better proximity to a number of important areas in Lavonia.

“We feel like it will enhance the industrial development area out there just by having an EMS presence,” Cawthon said. “Plus, a good many calls from the Gumlog area so that gives them good access to that area as well as the Interstate.”

Once built, the new station will be able to house three ambulances, a day room, bunk room, bathroom and kitchen. Cawthon said the new EMS building offers room for growth.

“There’s just one ambulance there at this time, but we need to have room for expansion because we know that area is going to grow. We need to make sure we’re not under-building ourselves when we start so this is something that we’ll be able to expand and will be able to handle at least two crews,” Cawthon said.

County manager Billy Morse said Monday there’s still a lot to do before they can break ground.

Morse said they don’t have an exact figure on how much the new EMS station will cost, but that it will be paid for with SPLOST funds.