City of Royston Discusses Expanding Water Services to Vanna Residents

October 19, 2012

The City of Royston is exploring working with the Hart County Water and Sewer Authority to come up with a plan for supplying some Vanna residents with city water.

At their regular meeting last week, the Royston City Council voted to research running water lines to about 33 customers off Old Elberton Road and SR17 south of the town.

Royston City manager Gregg Scott said those residents of Hart County have wells which are running dry.

“We’ve been approached by some (Vanna) residents who have actually been buying water from us in tanks,” Scott said. “We pointed them to the (Georgia Mountains) Regional Commisson because they are outside of the city and we don’t have that area in our city water system. The Regional Commission talked to them about an imminent threat and danger grant.”

Scott said the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission then approached the city. Scott said they have now turned to Hart County and the Hart County Water and Sewer Authority.

Authority director Pat Goran said the idea was discussed at their regular meeting Monday evening, but the board came to no firm resolution.

One option, Goran said, included installing a master water meter near the end of the Royston system or install four miles of pipe to the residents near Vanna, which he said would cost the County about $500,000 – money they don’t have now.

He said they would ask that the Water and Sewer Authority provide the water hydrants.

After more discussion, Scott said city council members agreed it’s important to help people in neighboring communities when the city is able to do so.