Class of 2013 Officially Done With High School

May 20, 2013

The school year is finally complete in Elbert County, and the Class of 2013 has been turned loose on the world after Friday night’s graduation ceremonies.

Nearly one hundred and fifty graduates took part in the ceremony which is always held in the Granite Bowl.

Third Honor Graduate Trey Rutherford, in his speech, had a message for both his fellow classmates and for those in attendance.

“And while I speak to my graduating class now, I also speak to you, members of the general public. There comes a time when change is necessary, and right now we need change”, said Rutherford. “Change for yourself, for our community, and change for our world. Nothing will ever happen without that first step of saying who do I want to be. I can only hope that your answer will be the right one.”

This year’s Salutatorian, Austin Sanders spoke about how the key to life if for you to surround yourself with family and good friends.

“Show love to others and you will be loved in return; just love everything about this world and all the blessings that have been given to you from God”, said Sanders. “Do whatever it takes to fulfill your life and dreams.”

Closing out the student speakers was this year’s Valedictorian Rosemary Schatz, who sent off the class of 2013 with one final farewell.

“A valedictory is meant to be a farewell speech, so I bid you, fellow classmates a final farewell on your journeys after high school. We are saying goodbye to one part of our lives, but also, hello to a new part”, said Schatz. “So congratulations once again to the Class of 2013, may God continue to bless you.”

The Class of 2013’s motto was selected to be “We came together as strangers, but we leave as eternal friends.”

Class colors this year were Navy Blue and Silver and the class flower was the Cherry Blossom.