Concerned Citizens of Bowman Ask for Council Support for Holiday Events

July 25, 2014

The Concerned Citizens of Bowman group is asking for support from the Bowman City Council with an upcoming pair of events.

Speaking to the Bowman City Council earlier this week representing the group was Mary Clark, who said the group will be holding its third annual Thanksgiving Dinner for those in need in the Bowman Community.

“So what we thought was, we asked for donations and donated some food ourselves for the Thanksgiving dinner, and what we thought we would do is plan a fun, dress up, community Christmas event”, said Clark.

Clark asked the Bowman Council for their non-financial support for this year’s planned Christmas function, which Clark says the proceeds raised during that event would go to benefit the next Thanksgiving Dinner event.

“What we wanted was just support. For you all to help advertise it as council members, and for the Mayor to actually come and be apart of the event”, she said. “If it does well this time, we will use those funds to buy food for the November function.”

Mayor Pete Gibbons told Clark he was grateful for what their group does for the Bowman Community.

“We do appreciate what you do for the community, and helping people eat around times during the holidays when it is tough”, said Mayor Gibbons.

This year’s Thanksgiving event will take place on November 20th, and the community Christmas dinner is planned to take place on December 19th.