Congressman Collins Follows Up on “ATL Blaze” Operation

April 10, 2014

9-6-2013 CollinsCollins addresses sting operation “ATL Blaze” with Attorney General Holder

On Tuesday Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) revisited the issue of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ storefront operation in Atlanta, ATL Blaze, when Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before the House Judiciary Committee.

Attorney General Holder testified before the House Judiciary Committee for the committee’s Department of Justice Oversight hearing.

Congressman Collins used the opportunity to follow up with the Attorney General on an exchange he had in last week’s Oversight and Government Reform hearing with the ATF Director B. Todd Jones about ATL Blaze, the storefront sting operation the ATF coordinated in Atlanta that resulted in Fulton County Police expending time, resources, and public trust to track down stolen law enforcement weapons the ATF had already recovered.

Congressman Collins pressed Attorney General Holder on the oversight for the ATF’s sting operations, asking how the Department of Justice could allow these sting operations to go wrong.

As Congressman Collins told the Attorney General, “There’s just a basic lack of trust…we can’t seem to get answers that are not just basically blown off.”

On this issue, Attorney General Holder assured Congressman Collins that “people will be held accountable.”

Congressman Collins plans to meet with local ATF officials in the coming weeks who can further explain ATL Blaze.