Congressman Collins Left Scratching Head on Syria Issue

September 6, 2013

9-6-2013 Collins Georgia Representative Doug Collins, of Georgia’s 9th Congressional District questions administration officials in the House Syria Hearing.

After yesterday’s chance to ask questions, Collins said he left yesterday’s hearing with more questions than answers.

“I think it’s just a situation that is very difficult and at this point the administration has not done a very good job, and I am not sure they can do a very good job explaining their point and purpose in all this”, said Collins.

Collins says that an overwhelming majority of the feedback from his constituents has been against the United States taking any action in Syria.

“This is from a district that is very conservative, very patriotic, and very pro military; this is not a district as what you would typically see against military action”, explained Collins. “In this district, they are not seeing a clear objective, and just aren’t seeing the purpose here.”

Collins said quote “I appreciate the opportunity and the time Secretary Kerry, Secretary Hagel, and General Dempsey gave the committee, but I do not feel that they made the case for military action in Syria” end quote.

As for what’s next in the process for Congress to authorize action in Syria.

Collins said, “I think we are still in for a few more days of discussion as we move forward, so we will see what happens over the next week or so.”

On Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to move forward with a resolution that would give President Barack Obama the authority to launch a limited military attack on Syria by a vote of 10-7.