Congressman Collins Opposed to Federal EPA Expansion

July 10, 2014

Appearing on the national network RFD-TV, Congressman Doug Collins talked about the Environmental Protection Agency’s overreach, as it related to Georgia farmers.

“They not only reportedly, but repeatedly overstep their authority. I’m one that wants to see the federal EPA drawn back drastically”, said Collins.

A proposed rule would expand the powers of the agency under the Clean Water Act to add further regulations to streams, ponds, and other small bodies of water on farmland not just in Northeast Georgia, but across the country.

Congressman Collins stated his strong opposition to this overreach by the EPA.

“We’ve got to draw back in the EPA to where they understand their role is to encourage a good environmental policy, not to dictate a policy outcome or a political outcome”, said Collins.

Regarding the Clean Water Act, the proposed rule has been published in the Federal Register and the comment period will remain open through Oct. 20.

Those wishing to comment on the proposed rule change can leave there thoughts on the proposed expansion by clicking here.