Congressman Collins Praises Hometown of Gainesville

February 19, 2013

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA 9th) was back on the floor of the House of Representatives, this time he was praising his home town.

A recent study ranked Gainesville as the top performing small city in Georgia in terms of job growth.

Collins says that several different types of businesses are beginning to call Gainesville home.

“From food to auto services to manufacturing and retail, more and more businesses are calling Gainesville home, which means more job opportunities for Georgians”, said Collins.

Gainesville also ranked in the top ten across the nation for job growth in small cities.

Collins hopes that other areas can look to his hometown as an example of how to prosper in tough economic times.

“I hope that other cities across the nation, as well as Congress, will look to Gainesville as an example of how job creation can be achieved even in a difficult economic climate”, said Collins.

Collins also commended the local leadership in Gainesville, as well as the Hall County Government for their effort to create jobs for Georgians.