Congressman Collins Questions IRS Commissioner

March 28, 2014

9-6-2013 CollinsThe US House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee continue to examine the Internal Revenue Service’s response to the targeting scandal.

On Wednesday, Congressman Doug Collins questioned IRS Commissioner John Koskinen during a hearing.

That hearing was Mr. Koskinen’s first appearance before the Oversight Committee, which has been leading the investigation into the scandal in which conservative political groups were targeted for increased scrutiny

While questioning Koskinen, the Congressman wanted to know if the commissioner felt the public was satisfied with how the IRS has handled the situation.

“It has been discussed, understood, and has been talked about, especially as it got targeted around several individuals, that there seems to be the fact there is information wanted”, said Collins. “There has been information requested, and you made a statement earlier saying the public has to be satisfied with what is going on. Do you feel they are satisfied?”.

In response, Koskinen said “I think the public will be very satisfied with the issuance of the report.”

Before yielding his time back to the committee, Congressman Collins urged Koskinen to “make this a priority.”

“Get this off the table, wouldn’t it seem to me that if you want to provide all, that this would be something you would go ahead and get off the table as quickly as possible”, said Collins. “I am not sure we are buying the fact that its going to take this into redaction, as you have said most of this may not even need redacting.”

Wednesday’s hearing took place just as it was determined that the House Oversight Committee can pursue contempt proceedings again Lois Lerner for her failure to cooperate with its investigation so far.