Congressman Collins to Host Firearm Safety Program for 9th District

March 11, 2013

Representative Doug Collins (R-9th) announces he will be holding a firearm safety program for all ninth congressional district constituents.

Collins talks about what gave him the idea to hold this program.

“What I was finding is that a lot of my friends who own gun and outdoor shops were having record years for gun sales”, said Collins. “So there are a lot of people who are interested in guns that have not grown up around them like I have. So this course will be for new gun owners to teach them responsibility.”

The safety course is going to be held at the Brenau Georgia Mountain Center by the Hall County Sheriff’s Department.

The primary weapons that will be focused on will be handguns and rifles.

Collins says they will provide any information new gun owners will need to know.

“It’s not anything other than being responsible and safe”, said Collins. “So I will be there to host, and we have experts there to help people understand their rights, and where and where not they can carry their weapons.”

He says that courses like this are great, because responsible gun owners are rarely on the violent end of gun crimes.

“Statistics have shown over and over that crime is not committed by folks that are legally carrying firearms or legally have their carry permits”, said Collins. “The crime comes from those who choose to do bad things in a bad way with a gun.”

The course will be held later this month on Thursday, March 28th from 6:00pm until 7:00pm.

To RSVP you can call (770) 297-3388 or email [email protected] to make your reservation.