Congressman Doug Collins’ First Firearm Safety Program Draws Over 200

April 4, 2013

Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) recently completed his inaugural firearm safety program in Hall County.

Well over two hundred 9th Congressional District constituents attend the program on March 28th.

Collins said he was very pleased with how the program turned out.

“I think we had a great attendance and I think it really provided a service as far as giving people an opportunity to come and see the positive side of gun ownership and safety”, said Collins.

The success of the event has prompted Collins and his staff to schedule a total of four more fire arm safety programs set to take place over the months of April and May.

He expects that all of the upcoming courses will have similar attendance, and explains why.

Collins said, “Right now with the climate in the country, and especially with the issues we are seeing with gun legislation, I think people are just nervous and concerned. When issues start coming up with our constitutional rights I think people get interested about it.”

In regards to the Hall County program, Collins talks about a couple of things that stood out to him that evening.

“We had a girl scout troop come in and watch for a bit. We also had a lot of folks, who would have never come out to a political event, but they came out to this, and I thought that was good”, said Collins.

The first of four scheduled firearm safety programs is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th from 10:00am until 11:30am in Habersham County at the Torch Worship Center in Demorest, Georgia.

For those interested in participating in the program, RSVP by emailing [email protected] or call Collins’ District Office at (770) 297-3388.