Congressman Doug Collins Refuses Pay Increase

February 20, 2013

Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) voted yes Friday on House Resolution 273, the complete elimination of the 2013 statuary pay adjustment for federal employees put in place by the Obama Administration.

The resolution, Sponsored by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), will be a continuation of the Congressional Pay Freeze and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2012.

Rep. Collins signed on as an original co-sponsor in early January, and spoke in support of the bill.

Collins said, “Last month, many Americans saw their paychecks decrease as a result of a payroll tax increase.”

“While average Americans were feeling the effects of this tax increase at home, the President was pushing through a pay raise for the Vice President, cabinet secretaries, agency bureaucrats, and members of Congress.”

Collins continued by saying, “I cannot support the government taking on more debt to give a raise to Congress and Washington bureaucrats. At a time when the American people are struggling to pay their bills, pay increases for the Vice President and other federal employees is a luxury this country can’t afford.”

The resolution passed the house with a vote of 261 to 154, with 16 representatives not voting.