Congressman Doug Collins Speaks Out against Senate Democrats’ Budget Proposal

March 19, 2013

Late last week, Representative Doug Collins (GA-9th) took the floor of The House of Representatives to speak out against a recent budget proposal by Senate Democrats.

Collins didn’t pull any punches when sharing his thoughts about their proposal.

“Ask almost any American what happens if someone spends substantially more money than they take in,” Collins said. “They’ll tell you that individual will be plagued with debt and face limited economic opportunity. But this common sense reality seems to evade many of my friends in the other body, as evidenced by the recently proposed budget. This so-called “plan” increases taxes by $1 trillion, proposes $100 billion in new stimulus spending, and will never balance.”

He continued, this time shifting focus towards the Obama administration’s handling of the situation.

“This administration remains delinquent in their responsibility to send a budget to congress. They have claimed the delay has stemmed from discussion on the sequester and fiscal cliff”, said Collins. “Someone should tell this administration that using the uncertainty created by their own policies to buck their responsibility to craft a budget is unconscionable.”

Collins concluded his one minute speech on the floor by saying “Attacking the balanced budget proposal [of the U.S. House], when they haven’t produced their own plan, unfortunately reveals their willingness to put partisan politics ahead of our nation’s fiscal future. If this administration is truly concerned about uncertainty, they should send Congress a responsible, balanced budget that will put our nation on the path to true fiscal responsibility.”