Consolidating Voting Precincts in Elbert County a Great Cost Saving Measure

July 18, 2013

With Franklin County discussing the possibility of consolidating voting precincts to save money, that idea is one that is gaining popularity in several counties across the state.

Elbert County Probate Judge Stephanie Hewell says precinct consolidation is indeed a great cost saving measure.

“All over the state is looking for measures in cutting costs, and one way to do it in elections is to reduce the number of precincts you have”, explained Hewell. “For Elbert County, the cost saving measures would be about four thousand dollars per election, and we have quite a few elections each year.”

That savings amount is an estimate for just Elbert County, as other counties could save more or less depending on the situation.

Hewell says if Elbert County were to ever consolidate voting precincts, that a central voting location would be established at the Elbert County Government Complex.

She says it can be a relatively lengthy process to centralize voting, but that a majority of what she hears is positive.

“You have to have hearings and make sure there are no objections to consolidating precincts, and all of the other counties have had few people come out against it”, said Hewell. “The election day process, when you actually go out to vote, as run smoothly for other counties.”

Nothing formal is being considered so far in Elbert County, and as it stands now, no imminent changes are expected to take place in regards to how the county votes during elections.