Counterfeit Money Turns Up in Franklin and Hart Counties

September 3, 2012

Businesses from Franklin and Hart counties are still finding counterfeit bills after two men from Conyers were arrested last week in Royston for passing them.

21-year old Roderick Anthony Powell and 20-year old Teven Deandre Dudley were caught last week after they tried to pass a phony $100 dollar bill at the Royston Rite-Aid.

Police Chief Donnie Boleman said when the men’s vehicle was stopped last week; his officers found evidence the pair had been passing bills in several counties and in three states.

“Once we discovered the forgeries, we contacted the Secret Service the next morning,” Boleman said. “So they came up and were very interested in the documentation we provided to them.”

And even though the incident in Royston happened last week, Boleman said they are still getting calls from law enforcement agencies and businesses around Northeast Georgia about more funny money turning up.

“There are still phone calls coming in of more $100 fake bills that have been discovered,” Boleman said Thursday. “They’re calling from businesses all over our area that have discovered the bills and have been taken by this scam also.”

Boleman said the bills are made to look like old currency printed in the late 1990’s with none of the current security watermarks on them.

He said the men are also facing multiple counterfeiting and forgery charges in other jurisdictions.

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia