County Administrator Updates on Road Improvements in Elbert County

March 12, 2013

The Elbert County government has received its funding from the Georgia Department of Transportation for the 2013 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG).

The funding came in the amount of just over four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and that amount is based off of the highway miles and population in the county.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas says they are hesitant to start work due to the high fuel prices.

“We’ve been a little hesitant to start work because of the cost of fuel, as the cost of fuel goes up so does the cost of asphalt”, explained Thomas. “We felt that maybe the fuel prices that have gone up are a spike, and they are beginning to come down a bit, and we hope asphalt follows suit with that.”

On top of the money received from the state, the county had to chip in with at thirty percent match, which puts the total amount of money going towards roads to just shy of seven hundred thousand dollars.

Thomas talks about when county residents can begin to see some improvements.

“We’re probably looking at late spring or the early part of summer to make sure we have some good weather”, said Thomas. “You can’t resurface below a certain temperature with asphalt or else it will not set properly.”

In the meantime however, he says they are going to continue to look at ways to get the most out of this funding, because he adds that there are several areas where work is needed in the county.