County Agrees on New L.O.S.T. Agreement

September 20, 2012

A new Local Option Sales Tax Agreement has been approved by the Elbert County Board of Commissioners.

The agreement will be in place for ten years. Sixty-six percent of the revenue generated from the LOST will go to the county, twenty-nine percent goes to the city of Elberton, and five percent goes to Bowman.

Elbert County Attorney Bill Daughtry says the county is in line with similar counties in the share that they are receiving.

“Georgia Municipal Association had a list of every county in the state and what the breakdowns were. For all comparable counties we are in line or possibly receiving a higher percentage compared to other counties.”

Daughtry said that it is ideal to avoid mediation, which was a possibility at one point.

“I know that for budgetary reasons you probably want to keep percentages the same as last year for the budgetary reasons for you [the county] and the city. We could go to mediation, which is scheduled for Monday, but if we went to mediation it could hurt us or the city in keeping to each of their budgets.”

The new agreement was approved with a unanimous vote from the Elbert County Board of Commissioners. The Bowman and Elberton City Councils still have to approve the agreement before it is official.