County Commission Holds Off on Approving Addendum to Intergovernmental Contract

December 10, 2013

It appears that the Elbert County Board of Commissioners is holding off for the moment on agreeing to an addendum made by the Elbert County Board of Education.

The addendum is for the intergovernmental contract agreed upon by the Elberton City Council, Elbert County Board of Education, and Elbert County Board of Commissioners pertaining to the demolition of the old Hawes Center property located off of Mill Street.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas said the addendum refers to the gymnasium on the property, which was not addressed in the intergovernmental contract.

“The building will be made available for sale”, read Thomas. “Should a reasonable purchaser fail to place the property under contract by July 1st, 2014; the parties agree that a demolition proceed in a similar fashion to the other properties covered by this agreement within a reasonable amount of time.”

Thomas said he had a couple of issues when it came to potentially demolishing the gym.

“Its going to be a much bigger undertaking to take that building down, because the ceiling height is much higher and there are beams inside of that building which will require a crane to take out”, explained Thomas. “That is additional expense we are facing when dealing with that facility.”

The other, is the July 1st deadline set by the school board.

Thomas said that time of year is the busiest for the county’s road department, which would be the ones doing a majority of the demolition work.

The commission decided not to vote on accepting the addendum, and instead will work on adding some wording of their own to further clarify the responsibilities of each party, when it comes to dealing with the potential demolition of the gym on the Mill Street property.