County Commission Looking to Have Three Roads Resurfaced

May 13, 2014

Three county roads may be well on their way to being resurfaced soon; that out of yesterday evening’s Elbert County Board of Commissioner meeting.

Hester Road, Jones Ferry Road, and Rehoboth Road are the ones that are being looked at by the county.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas says the county put out bids for the resurfacing of the three roads and received three back, with the low bid being from E.R. Snell Contracting out of Snellville, GA.

E.R. Snell’s bid came in at $547,000; but Thomas says there may be a way for the county to lower that cost.

“Going to try and see if we can do some of the patching work ourselves and try and reduce that bid down even more”, said Thomas.

The reason for the county wanting to take that approach is because the amount received from the state for the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant will not cover the $547,000 costs.

Thomas added, “We really don’t have enough money in the LMIG program, and we’d have to take some money out of the SPLOST program, so we’d like to as little as possible to get all three of these roads resurfaced.”

The county received $360,000 in LMIG funding, which leaves a difference of $187,000 that would be required to fully resurface all three roads.

Thomas recommended the commission accept E.R. Snell’s bid for the project, and enter into negotiations with them on potentially lowering the price after the county completes the needed patchwork to the roads.

That recommendation passed with a unanimous vote from the commissioners.