County Expected to Move Houses Near Airport on Its Own

May 14, 2014

The Elbert County Government seems to be taking matters into its own hands regarding the removal of houses near the Elbert County Airport.

Several houses were purchased by the county during the expansion of the runway at the airport, and now those houses have to come down.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas said a request was made some time ago with interest in someone coming in and moving those homes now owned by the county.

Thomas said they advertised a bid with a minimum of $7,000 for someone to pay to move them, and they received no bids.

“So, I suggest that we tear them down, as a part of the funds they will pay us to tear them down and clean them up, so whenever we can get the road department time, then they will tear those down and we will be paid for that”, explained Thomas.

Commissioner Horace Harper suggested the county burn the homes to save costs on hauling away debris.

Thomas said after speaking with the county’s fire chief, which was a course of action the fire chief had no interest in pursuing.

The commission Monday night, approved a motion unanimously, that would charge the Elbert County Road Department with the task of demolition when time allowed.