County Holds Off on Leasing Guidestones Property

September 10, 2013

More tourism dollars and tourists?

That is always something that is desired by many areas, with Elbert County being no exception.

Many know of Elbert County’s relatively known major attraction, the Georgia Guidestones, well that would be the focus of the efforts of Elbert County resident Mart Clamp.

Speaking before the Elbert County Commissioners Monday evening, Clamp said the potential is there with proper maintenance and promotion.

“This is something that I think could bring in a lot of tourism dollars to the county as long as it was properly promoted and maintained”, explained Clamp. “I am prepared to do both if I am granted the lease, and my company would handle all maintenance to the property at no charge of course.”

According to County Attorney Bill Daughtry, the deed says that no permanent buildings can be erected on the Guidestones property and that admission can not be charged to view the stones.

As far as licensing goes on the Guidestones, Daughtry suggested Clamp consult a copyright lawyer about the possibility of having Guidestones souvenirs.

No vote was taken to lease the property to Mr. Clamp, as County Commission Chair Tommy Lyon said that both sides needed to look into the issue further.