Cutting Costs Still the Focus for Elbert Memorial Hospital

September 26, 2013

In the wake of another tough month financially speaking for Elbert Memorial Hospital, expense cutting efforts are beginning to get into full swing.

Elbert Memorial CEO Jim Yarborough says the hospital’s different department heads have stepped up in a big way when it comes to cutting costs.

“I will tell you our department heads did a fabulous job”, said Yarborough. “We have about three pages or fifty ideas about ways we can reduce our expenses.”

The main area of focus has been on the hospital’s pay roll, but Yarborough points out there are some other easy ways that have been suggested in regards to saving money.

“They go everywhere from as simple as shutting down one of the two elevators in the 1950’s building”, he explained. “Another thing we have done is shut down some of the air handling equipment in the early morning hours and over the weekend to save some more electricity.”

He says the efforts put forth so far by the various department heads and the staff at Elbert Memorial Hospital is sending the right message.

“That we’re not putting the burden of the expense reductions all on the staff, so we felt that these are all important initiatives, and I am very proud of our staff that are working very hard in a lot of different ways”, said Yarborough.

For the month of August the hospital reported a net revenue loss of two hundred and three thousand dollars.

According to Interim CFO Larry Magers, that significant loss can be attributed to fewer patient admissions and fewer in house surgeries.