Dazzlin’ Dames Coming to the Elbert Theatre on October 14th

October 4, 2012

Some of the Dazzlin’ Dames Performing.

The Pilot Club of Elberton will be hosting the Dazzlin’ Dames at the Elbert Theatre on Sunday, October 14th.

Elbert Theatre Director Toni King describes what can be expected from the Dazzlin’ Dames.

“The Dazzlin’ Dames are a group of women, all over the age of sixty; they are all former Miss Senior Georgia pageant contestants”, explains King. “So they all have some kind of talent and their performance is based around singing, dancing, and comedy.”

The goal for the Dazzlin’ Dames is to promote positive seniorhood through their song and dance performances.

There will be a flat cost to attend the show at the Elbert Theatre. Tickets are fifteen dollars each for general admission into the theatre. According to King, all proceeds raised will go to the Pilot Club of Elberton.

“In this event all the proceeds for it go back to the Pilot Club of Elberton, and all the work they do in our community. It’s a good cause and it is a lot of fun for a little bit of money for everyone to come out and have a good time”, said King.

Tickets for the event can be purchased from any Pilot Club of Elberton member, or from the Elbert Theatre Box Office located at Elberton City Hall. For more information about the show, you can contact Toni King at (706) 283-1049.