Deer Quota Hunt Deadline set for September 1st

August 22, 2013

10-19-2012 Deer PicSummer is beginning to wind down, and the deadline to apply for a Georgia DNR Deer quota hunt is quickly approaching.

Georgia DNR Spokesperson Melissa Cummings describes what exactly a quota hunt entails.

“It allows a pre-determined number of hunters that can participate on that particular hunt, so it limits the number of people with you on a specific day and area”, explained Cummings.

The deadline to apply for a deer quota hunt is September 1st, and the only quota hunt scheduled in our area is at Richard B. Russell State Park.

For those interested in participating, Cummings explains how to sign up.

“The only way to apply for quota hunts in Georgia is to go to our website, and they will find good information on how to apply, but they will have to setup an account and put down what hunts they are interested in applying for”, said Cummings.

That website again is

Cummings reminds hunters to keep their email address current as to receive quota updates, application submission confirmations, and notices about future quota hunts.