Despite Projected Increases, Gas Prices Drop a bit in Elbert County

February 26, 2014

Winter storms responsible for flight cancellations and hazardous roads over the past month and a half can also be blamed for the rise in gas prices.

The freezing weather bolstered demand for heating fuels like natural gas and propane, which are derived from crude oil and used to heat homes in the northeastern United States.

The spike in demand for these fuels tightened supplies, placing upward pressure on the price of oil.

The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.41, 6 cents more than last week.

Georgia’s average of $3.28 jumped 7 cents from last week respectively.

Now, according to, the low price in Elbert County fell 5 cents from last week, down from $3.17 to $3.12.