Development Authority Approves Hire of New Executive Director

April 12, 2013

The Development Authority of Elberton, Elbert County, and Bowman have made a decision on a hire to fill the vacant Executive Director position.

Yesterday morning, during their monthly meeting, the Authority voted unanimously in favor of the recommendation to hire Beth Evanson as the new Executive Director of the Development Authority of Elberton, Elbert County, and Bowman.

Evanson is an Elbert County High School graduate and has a degree from Lander University, and is currently working on a Masters Degree from the University of Georgia.

Authority Chairman Jackson McConnell says Evanson is going to be a great asset moving forward.

“I think she will be a great asset, she doesn’t have a lot of experience right now in economic development, and she will need to learn the job and participate in training”, said McConnell. “She’s very energetic and connected with the community, and she knows what we are trying to accomplish.”

Former Executive Director Anna Grant Jones is going to offer some assistance during the transition said McConnell.

He says that he is going to be depending on Jones in the short term.

“She’s got a new job so she needs to move on a do it, but she has been so gracious to offer her help in the transistion and to help make that work”, said McConnell. “So, I am going to lean on her to the extent I can, but I also got to respect that she has a new job and works for someone else.”

Evanson is tentatively scheduled to begin work with the authority later this month on April 22nd.