Development Authority Looking to Rebrand Elbert County

September 16, 2013

The Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton and Bowman have approved the process of creating a new identity for Elbert County’s industrial offerings.

It’s all apart of a new marketing plan that would create a new image for Elbert County, as well as create a robust website to use to better advertise Elbert County to potential businesses.

Typically it is an expensive process, but according to Authority Executive Director Beth Eavenson, a former Elbert County native is willing to offer a helping hand.

“Estimates have been anywhere between twenty to forty thousand dollars, this proposal from Neil Summerour at most would be ten thousand dollars, and I know that is more than what we want to spend on marketing”, said Eavenson.

Currently there aren’t enough funds in the authority’s budget for a project of that scale, but Eavenson says there may be a way to get both the branding and website done at relatively the same time.

“There is a way we can break it up into two fiscal years and that may be something to consider”, explained Eavenson. “I bounced that idea off Neil and he said he would be willing to do that, and would be willing to deliver early and bill late. So we could get it done in one calendar year, so it may be a May to August project.”

The authority approved a motion to allocated two thousand dollars to begin the process on the development of a new brand for Elbert County.

That motion was approved unanimously, and the authority plans to revisit the website proposal sometime in the future.